Monday, August 23, 2010

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Celebrity Cagers - Playoff Style

Owendale-Gagetown - Nick Zaleski's bark could be heard though out the night with 45 points as his Bulldogs lifted their leg on two opponets. Devin Prich clawed his way to 38 points, while fellow Dog Ryan Francis added 31 points.

Mayville - The Lady Wildcats were declawed in the district semi-final loss to Brown City, but Chelsea Roehl, Tessa Buhl, and Amy Elenbaum all pounced on the Green Devils with double figure points.

Millington - The Cardinals lost their joust with the Duke of Garber, but that did not stop Kyle Currie from trying to steal the Duchess away with his career-high 32 points. Matt Berlin and Cameron Wilson each added 12 points in the loss. Erica Babcock scored 13 points as the Lady Cards' wings were clipped for the final time this year in a season ending loss to Vassar in district play.

Cass City - The Red Hawks managed to fly on one wing this week, while the other wing was propped up by Cammer Dunnuck's 34 points and 17 rebounds. Alex Varney dropped 27 points in the win and loss. The Lady Red Hawks were grounded by Bad Axe in district play. Logan Rowell scored 12 points, while fellow predator Carley Hendrick added 10 points.

Akron-Fairgrove - Josh Repkie wore his horned helmet proudly as he scored 41 points in the Vikings two games. Even though Caseville sunk the Lady Viking ship, Sarah Crane (17 points, nine rebounds, two steals) and Theresa Burkey (10 points, four rebounds, two steals, three assists) each had well rounded games.

Kingston - Both Cardinal teals fell out of their nest and landed on the ground this week. Emily Chambers scored 11 points for the ladies in their defeat, as Taylor Nicol added 19 in the boys defeat.

Caro - The Tiger teams climbed into an abandoned DeLorian and went back in time to become Kittens on the court this week. Jared Vinson scored 13 points and Tommy Matuszak scored 10 points in their teams loss to Bridgeport. Madi Campbell added 14 points in the ladies loss in district play.

USA - The Patriots stood strong and yelled "No taxation without representation", but to no avail as they lost two of their three battles during the week. Josh Lakie's musket was firing straight with 33 points. Clint Krueger (34) and Jake Holland (31) was on target on well.

Vassar - Coach Chuck Fabbro was god-like this week in his coaching decision as his team won his first conference title in four years as Vulcan, and Vassar's first conference title since 1990. Garrett Troike played the role of Jupiter by scoring 37 points, including 20 in the title clinching win over Reese. Troy Hecht added 29 points in Vassar's three wins. The Lady Vulcans reached the district final and lost to North Branch. Kayla Verbeek carried the torch this week with 43 points and 27 rebounds.

Reese - Josh Pickell pulled his best Elton John imiitation by leaning to one side and the the other in a win and a loss. Pickell scored 26 points in the win and 13 in the loss. The Lady Rockets jettisoned to the district final only to lose altitude in a loss to New Lothrop. Jade Ackerman scored 43 points, while Amber Gotham fueled up with 40 points and 15 assists.

Frankenmuth - The Lady Eagles soared their way to their first district championship since 2001. McCauley Mossner was the largest bird of prey with 36 points and 24 rebounds. Kelsey Ritter and Jenny McCain each added 32 points. The men ended up like the younger baby eagle. Kent Redford and Jake Nuechterlein each scored 19 points in double over-time loss to North Branch

North Branch - Back in 1988, the Bad Boys were just starting to emerge. They have now been reincarnated as the Lady Broncos. Coach Willie Deshetsky led his team to their first district title since the '88 season in Bad Boy style. Rayenne Kaiser bucked her way all week with 41 points. Samantha Waterman added 39 points and 20 rebounds, while Kelsey Roloson added 35 points. The men kicked and bucked Frankenmuth through five periods, but the Eagles did not fall off until the second overtime. Kyle Cline led the way with 19 points. Ryan Kosko and Chris White each added 12 points.

The Tabloid Celebrities of the Week ....... Coach Chuck Fabbro and his Vassar Vulcans for their first conference title since Chuck was a senior at Vassar, and Coach Willie Deshetsky and his Lady Broncos for their first district title since 1988. Congrats and watch out for the paparazzi.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Boys District Info

No. 57-B Croswell-Lexington
John Knuth, Athletic Director
A-Millington vs North Branch 3/8 5:30 pm
B-Croswell-Lexington vs Vassar 3/8 7:00 pm
Caro vs A 3/10 5:30 pm
B vs Yale 3/10 7:00 pm
Final 3/12 7:00 pm

No. 58-B Pinconning Area
Jennifer Thunberg, Athletic Director
Bay City-John Glenn vs A 3/10 6:00 pm
B-Bridgeport vs Pinconning Area 3/8 7:45 pm
A-Carrollton vs Frankenmuth 3/8 6:00 pm
B vs Essexville-Garber 3/10 7:45 pm
Final 3/12 7:00 pm

No. 81-C Memphis
Brad Gudme, Athletic Director
A-Marlette vs Memphis 3/8 5:00 pm
B-New Haven vs Sandusky 3/8 6:30 pm
C-Brown City vs Mayville 3/8 8:00 pm
Dryden vs A 3/10 6:00 pm
B vs C 3/10 7:30 pm
Final 3/12 6:00 pm

No. 89-C Montrose-Hill Mc Cloy
Linden Moore, Athletic Director
A-Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy vs New Lothrop 3/8 4:00 pm
B-Reese vs Genesee 3/8 5:30 pm
C-Montrose-Hill Mc Cloy vs Saginaw-Buena Vista 3/8 7:00 pm
Saginaw-Valley Lutheran vs A 3/10 5:30 pm
B vs C 3/10 7:00 pm
Final 3/12 7:00 pm

No. 90-C Bad Axe
Ron Johnston, Athletic Director
A-Harbor Beach Community vs Pigeon-Laker 3/8 6:00 pm
B-Unionville Sebewaing vs Bad Axe 3/8 7:30 pm
Cass City vs A 3/10 6:00 pm
B vs Ubly 3/10 7:30 pm
Final 3/12 7:00 pm

No. 114-D Kingston
Mike Rea, Athletic Director
A-Kimball-New Life Christian Academy vs Kingston 3/8 7:00 pm
Carsonville-Port Sanilac vs Peck Community 3/10 6:00 pm
A vs Deckerville Community 3/12 7:30 pm
Final 3/12 7:00 pm

No. 115-D Kinde-North Huron
Elizabeth Loegel, Athletic Director
A-Port Hope Community vs Kinde-North Huron 3/8 7:00 pm
Akron-Fairgrove vs Caseville 3/10 6:00 pm
A vs Owendale-Gagetown 3/10 8:00 pm
Final 3/12 7:00 pm

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girls District Info

No. 57-B Caro
Beth Striffler, Athletic Director
A-Yale vs Vassar 3/1 6:00 pm
B-C aro vs North Branch 3/1 7:30 pm
Millington vs A 3/3 6:00 pm
B vs Croswell-Lexington 3/3 7:30 pm
Final 3/5 7:00 pm

No. 58-B Pinconning Area
Jennifer Thunberg, Athletic Director
A-Frankenmuth vs Carrollton 3/1 6:00 pm
B-Pinconning Area vs Essexville-Garber 3/1 7:45 pm
Bridgeport vs A 3/3 6:00 pm
Bay City-John Glenn vs B 3/3 7:45 pm
Final 3/5 7:00 pm

No. 81-C Brown City
Tony Burton, Athletic Director
A-B rown City vs Memphis 3/1 4:30 pm
B-New Haven vs Dryden 3/1 6:00 pm
C-Marlette vs Sandusky 3/1 7:30 pm
Mayville vs A 3/3 6:00 pm
B vs C 3/3 7:30 pm
Final 3/5 7:00 pm

No. 89-C Reese
Dave Derocher, Athletic Director
A-Montrose-Hill Mc Cloy vs New Lothrop 3/1 4:30 pm
B-Reese vs Saginaw-B uena Vista 3/1 6:00 pm
C-Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy vs Genesee 3/1 7:30 pm
Saginaw-Valley Lutheran vs A 3/3 6:00 pm
B vs C 3/3 7:30 pm
Final 3/5 7:00 pm

No. 90-C Cass City
Donald Markel, Athletic Director
A-B ad Axe vs Cass City 3/1 6:00 pm
B-Ubly vs Harbor Beach Community 3/1 7:30 pm
Pigeon-Laker vs A 3/3 6:00 pm
B vs Unionville Sebewaing 3/3 7:30 pm
Final 3/5 7:00 pm

No. 114-D Carsonville-Port Sanilac
Ann Binienda, Athletic Director
A-C arsonville-Port Sanilac vs Peck Community 3/1 6:00 pm
Kingston vs Deckerville Community 3/3 6:00 pm
A vs Kimball-New Life Christian Academy 3/3 7:30 pm
Final 3/5 7:00 pm

No. 115-D Caseville
Joseph Nicholl, Athletic Director
A-Akron-Fairgrove vs Caseville 3/1 7:00 pm
Owendale-Gagetown vs Port Hope Community 3/3 6:00 pm
A vs Kinde-North Huron 3/3 7:30 pm
Final 3/5 7;00 pm

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Freezing Rain Scores

Frankenmuth 61 - Caro 40 - The TVC-East winner finished the season on a roll winning six straight and 13 of 14 games. McCauley Mossner led the way for the Lady Eagles with 14 points, while Jenny McCain added 10 points. Frankenmuth finishes 16-4 and 12-0. Caro was led by Madi Campbell's 14 points. The Lady Tigers drop to 6-14 and 4-8.

North Branch 35 - Millington 17
- North Branch handed Millington their fifth staight loss to end the season. Rayenne Kaiser led the Lady Broncos with nine points and six rebounds, while Morgan Vauter added five points and 12 rebounds. North Branch finished the season 12-8 overall and 9-3 in the TVC-East. Millington finishes 4-16 and 3-9 while averaging a county worst 33.8 points per game.

Vassar 49 - BCAS 48 - Vassar takes the lead in the GTC-West by a 1/2 game over BCAS with the win on the road. Troy Hecht led all scorers with 20 points and 10 rebounds, while Madison Harper added 11 points. Vassar improves to 14-3 and 9-2.

Reese 69 - Lakers 62 - Reese handed Laker High their fourth straight conference defeat. Ethan Stockmeyer and Josh Pickell both had big games for the Rockets. Stockmeyer recorded a double-double with 16 points and 15 rebounds. Pickell added 13 points and 13 assists. Adam Lefler (13), Caleb Gnatkowski (12), and Jared Bender (12) all contributed double digit points. Reese improves to 10-8 overall and 6-5 in the GTC-West.

USA 76 - Garber 51 - USA picked up a big non-conference victory. Clint Krueger scored a game-high 23 points. Jake Holland added 17 points, while Andrew Botello added 10.

Mayville - Marlette xcl

Kingston - Owendale-Gagetown xcl until 03/06

Peck - Akron-Fairgrove xcl until 02/27

Millington 68 - North Brach 64 - Millington avenges an earlier overtime loss in Millington by beating North Branch on their home floor. Kyle Currie had his second 20 points performance of the week with 22 points. Josh Williams scored 17 points, while Cameron Wilson added 13 points. The Cardinals are now 11-8 overall and 6-5 in the TVC-East. Ryan Kosko led North Branch with 20 points. Andy Peplinski added 11 points. The Broncos fall to 11-7 and 6-4.

Frankenmuth 49 - Caro 46 - Frankenmuth got 18 points for Kent Redford in the victory. Luke Bade scored 13 points and 10 rebounds, while Tim Faris added 10 points. The Eagles improve to 5-14 and 2-9 in the TVC-East. Both conference wins have come at the expense of Caro. The Tigers were led by Pat Bishop's 16 points. Jared added 12 points and Tommy Matuszak added 10. Caro drops to 7-12 and 1-10.

Ladies Conference Title Thursday

Reese 61 - Lakers 41 - Reese clinched the GTC-West title with a win over Laker High on Thursday. Amber Gotham led her team with a double-double (18 points and 10 assists). Jade Ackerman finished with 18 points. Reese finished the regular season on a six game winning streak.

Vassar 45 - BCAS 40 - The Vulcans finshed their season on a nine game winning streak and in second place in the GTC-West. Kayla Verbeek scored a game-high 16 points, while Hilary MacKay added 10 points.

Marlette 56 - Mayville 45 - Marlette defeated Mayville for the second time this season. Amara Wilson had a game-high 26 points, while Jenna Hirsch added 13. Marlette finishes the season with a 10-10 overall record and 5-7 in the GTC-East. Mayville was led by Tessa Buhl's 14 points and seven rebounds, and Chelsea Roehl's 13 points and 13 rebounds. The Lady Wildcats finished the season 8-12 and 4-8.

Garber 69 - USA 67 2OT - USA finished the season losing nine of their last ten games. Jenny Williamson led the way with a team-high 15 points. Sami Eisenburger and Chelsey Ewald each scored 14 points. The Patriots finish the year with a 5-15 overall record and 3-9 in the GTC-West.

Cass City 49 - Bad Axe 33 - Megan Parrish scored 17 points to lead the Red Hawks in victory. Logan Rowell added 13 points, while Carley Hendrick added 11 points. Cass City finishes with a 4-16 record and 4-8 in the GTC-West.

CPS 47 - Akron-Fairgrove 35

North Huron 29 - Kingston 27

Memphis 58 - Owendale-Gagetown 28

Congratulations to the following league chapions:

Frankenmuth - TVC-East
Reese - GTC-West
Brown City & Sandusky - GTC-East co-champs
Port Hope - NCTL-North
Memphis - NCTL-South

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I Need This" Basketball Wednesday


SASA 50 - Owendale-Gagetown 45 - In a makeup game from Monday night, the Bulldogs Mandy Muntz scored 10 points and grabbed nine rebounds in a loss. Owendale-Gagetown drops to 6-13 in this the last week of the regular season for girls basketball.


Vassar 55 - Lakers 49 - The Vulcans used a 15-6 fourth quarter to hand the Lakers their third straight conference defeat. Garrett Troike's 17 points led Vassar to their sixth straight victory. Troy Hecht scored 13, while Ryan Amend added 11 points. Vassar travels to Bay City on Friday night to take on GTC-West leader All Saints. The second place Vulcans trail All Saints by just one game.

USA 72 - Bad Axe 43 - The Patriots improved their record to 8-8 overall and 4-5 in the GTC-West. Jake Holland led USA with 18 points. Clint Krueger scored 15, while Josh Lakie added 15 points.

Harbor Beach 59 - Mayville 39

Reese 83 - Cass City 52 - The Rockets scored the most points in a game this season. Reese improves to 9-8 overall and 5-5 in the GTC-West. The Rockets were led by Josh Pickell's 24 points and six assists. Ethan Stockmeyer has a double-double with 14 pionts and 10 rebounds. Caleb Gnatkowski (11) and Adam Lefler (10) also contributed points to the win. Cass City falls to 4-13 and 2-8. Jeff Mulrath led Cass City with 14 points, while Alex Varney added 13 points.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebrity Cagers

Here are the best of the best on the Hardcourt in Tuscola County from last week.

Mayville - Even-though the boy's got their nails clipped twice this week, William Henderson's snarl was nasty with 21 points. The girl's won their only game this week over Deckerville. Amy Elenbaum led the way with 17 points and seven steals. Tessa Buhl added 16 points and eight steals, while Chelsea Roehl added 15 points, 13 rebounds, and four steals.

Millington - Kyle Currie scored 26 points for the Cardinals in a week which saw them win a game and lose a game. The ladies got their wings clipped twice, but Chelsey Parker got off the ground scoring 20 points and grabbing 18 rebounds.

Kingston - The male Cardinals were flying high this week scoring 154 points. They were led by Joe Stauel's 24 points and 14 assists. Nolan Kolacz added 21 points and 16 rebounds. The ladies squad was grounded twice. They were led by Abbey Brzezinski's 15 points and 23 rebounds.

Frankenmuth - The boy's team was put on the extinction list as Luke Bade scored 33 points. The girl's five soared all week with two victories. McCauley Mossner scored 30 points and Kelsey Ritter added 24 points.

Reese - Josh Pickell led the way in the Rocket's split this week with 38 points. Ethan Stockmeyer added 25 points and 18 rebounds. The girl's squad filled their boosters with extra jet fuel in their two blowout victories. Jillian Gerow scored 29 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. Amber Gotham scored 15 points and dished out 21 assists.

North Branch - The Broncos ran wild in their only game this week - a win. Kyle Cline scored 19 points. Doug Griffin added 13 and Ryan Kosko scored 10 points.

Owendale-Gagetown - Nick Zaleski's bite was worse than his bark this week as he scored 50 points in the Bulldogs two victories. Zaleski also had a 35 point, nine rebound, and nine assist performance against Port Hope. Ryan Francis added 32 points on the week.

Marlette - Amara Wilson scored 30 points in the Red Raiders two losses.

Caro - Caro won the Battle of M-81 for the first time since 2000, but had a flat tire on the way home and lost the second game of the week. Tommy Matuszak scored 27 points and Pat Bishop added 26 points.

Vassar - The Vulcan's fire was blazing all week for both the boys and girls. Both teams won two games this week. Troy Hecht scored 36 points, while Keif Vickers added 22 points in his return to the court. Kayla Verbeek scored 29 points.

USA - Clint Krueger scored 27 points, and Miranda Fuerst scored 25 points.

The Tabloid Celebrities of the Week are ..... for the second this year Nick Zaleski is the male Tabloid Celebrity. Zaleski scored 50 points, and easily had weekly triple-double. The ladies Tabloid Celebrity contributed 57 points to her teams two victories. Amber Gotham scored 15 points and dished out 21 assists. Congrats Nick and Amber and watch out for the paparazzi.

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